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Evolve Big Alpha Infographic

If you were lucky enough to get yourself drafted for the Evolve Big Alpha, you would have had a hand in at least one of the million games played as well as many more nifty stats this new infographic has to show.

Turtle Rock studios have been busy collecting the data they gathered from the Evolve Big Alpha…and it’s a hell of a lot of data. The Alpha test that ran from October 30th – November 4th seems to have been a great success, with over a million rounds played. We won’t spoil the rest though, we’ve stitched the whole thing together for you have a look at below. So get scrolling!

Big Alpha Infographic

Turtle Rock even included statistics on how many matches were watched on Twitch, proving the game to be a hit with not just the players but spectators as well, presumably those unfortunate enough to miss out on the draw for entry into the alpha.

The Left 4 Dead developers along with the game’s publisher 2K Games also took the time out to thank those who participated in their server tests in a blog post on their website.

We wanted to take this chance to once again thank everyone that helped us test the servers. And we mean everyone. We appreciate that you took time out of your lives to help us test our game. In the end, what we learned from the Big Alpha is only going to make the final game that much stronger.

You’ll be able to drop in and hunt again when the game is released on February 5th 2015.


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