Battlefront 2 Announcement

Three New Star Wars Games On The Way

Battlefront to get a sequel, with Visceral and Respawn games to follow.

EA has announced the existence of three new games set in the Star Wars universe. These unnamed titles come as a result of EA’s exclusive deal with Disney to create canon Star Wars games.

First up will be a sequel to 2015’s massively selling Star Wars Battlefront, due for release sometime in 2017. DICE’s shooter has sold over 14 million copies since its release last November and season pass holders will still have an expansion to play at the start of next year.

2018 will “most likely” see the arrival of Visceral’s Star Wars game which is being headed by Amy Hennig, creator of Uncharted. Many fans were dissapointed when Star Wars 1313 was cancelled. Considering the similarities in gameplay between that and the Uncharted series, could Amy have been brought in to revive the bounty hunting epic? Or will she be creating a brand new story for the franchise? Time will tell.

Finally, Respawn Entertainment of Titanfall fame will look to follow the year after with their recently announced third-person project. At this point, not much else is known about Respawn’s Star Wars title.


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