Arkham Knight Ace Chemicals Featured

Batman: Arkham Knight trailers show off new gameplay

UPDATE: Rocksteady released the ACE Chemical Infiltration trailers in three parts, you can find all three at the bottom of the page.

London developer Rocksteady Studios have let loose a new trailer showing off gameplay for the next and final installment of the Arkham series.

The video shows Batman infiltrating ACE Chemicals and also gives us another short glimpse of his new rival – The Arkham Knight.

Not much is known about the Dark Knight’s newest foe, not even who is underneath the mask. All we know is that he is a brand new villain who has been specifically created in tandem with DC for this game and he enjoys stealing traits of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego like the title “Knight” and pointy ears.

The footage shows off a plethora of new game mechanics such as the slick new combat takedown system, in which you can eliminate multiple enemies in one go with a swift slo-mo combo. Even the environment takes a battering in combat now, with Batman using scenery like hanging lights and fuse boxes to his advantage when smashing skulls.

Rocksteady has previously voiced the impact that the Batmobile will have on gameplay, this is backed up by the gameplay as we are shown you can even control the vehicle when calling it from a distance. Players will also have the ability to pop out and take and enemy down straight from the cockpit.

This is the first time we’ve been shown footage of the game since E3 2014, in which we also heard that the game will be delayed from its original release date in October. The game is now slated for a June 2015 release.

Everything Rocksteady has shown so far looks impressively fluid and responsive, entering/exiting the Batmobile to gliding and combat…On top of that the game looks absolutely gorgeous.

If this footage is anything to go by, Batman: Arkham Knight could be the ultimate Batman simulator that Rocksteady has been calling it.

So how do you think Batman’s next outing is shaping up? We’d love to hear your views.


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